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Ace interview prep with AI and accountability

800 hours of unstructured interview prep = 150 hours on Headstarter. Learn algorithms with 1:1 instructors and deadlines.

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250 Problems

Say no to hours of unstructured interview prep.





Algorithm Patterns

Our method

How we build technical interview confidence

Get evaluated on speaking clearly, asking for help while coding, planning, understanding, and collaboration.

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Structure and Deadlines

Speak to our AI trained on the guidance, feedback and interview experience from our network of 400 engineers.
Each level includes video guides, drills, and coding sessions. Score at least 70% on 3 mock interviews to move to the next level.
1 on 1 support with your AI advisor to help prioritize doing one level a week.


Here’s what our users are saying

Seems to tailor its questions towards its understanding of the user.

Ahmad Hossain
2x Google SWE Intern

“Helped me go over some algorithm skills that I needed to brush up on.”

Aayana Evanson

“Pushed me outside of my comfort zone in a positive way.”

Nicole Sosa

“Headstarter taught me how to think like a software engineer and provided me the resources I need to improve my programming skills and make myself more desirable to hiring managers.”

Aleika Chery
City College

“I needed community and accountability.”


“Builds on a positive feedback loop to build your career momentum.”

Adam Jablonka
Queens College

“Provided a personal connection with seasoned professionals.”

Saqib Mahmood
Queens College

“It was hard at first, but with the help of resources, I was able to find my way around.”

Rifat Roufe

“My favorite part is the feedback section; it is extremely detailed.”

Tomas Santos
SWE Intern @ EY

“From my experience as an interviewer, it’s pretty close. Possibly even better than me since I don't walk my interviewees through the problem in as much detail.”

Software Engineer Interviewer

“Looks revolutionary. Feels like an interviewer is giving you live feedback.”

Northeastern Junior
Stuyvesant '22



Headstarter Rook

Just getting started, no urgency

$10/ month

  • 10 algorithm lessons a month
  • 5 AI mock interviews a month
  • Practice technical communication with AI of Software Engineers
  • Get help when stuck and instant feedback from your AI coach
  • Access to monthly events with Software Engineers

Headstarter Pro

Most Popular

Serious about getting an offer

$35/ month

  • Unlimited algorithm lessons & AI mock interviews a month
  • Practice technical communication with AI of Software Engineers
  • Get comfortable with 18 algorithm patterns gamified with 54 levels
  • Get help when stuck and instant feedback from your AI coach
  • See what companies would hire you
  • Weekly deadlines and follow-ups for progress

Headstarter Elite

Seeking promotion or senior offer

$55/ month

  • All the features of Headstarter Pro
  • Practice technical communication with AI of Directors and Managers
  • Access to exclusive events with Elite Software Engineers
  • Speak to recruiters to see if they would hire you
  • Be matched with a dedicated team

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